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Janus is a games-plugin for popular instant-messengers Miranda, Trillian and &RQ.
It allows to play some games with your friends over the internet.
Games currently implemented: Chess, Reverse, Corners, International checkers, Russian checkers and Pool checkers.


  • Unlimited number of simultaneous game-sessions
  • Auto-saving of current game-state with restoring after reloading
  • Multilingual interface with custom localization ability
  • Numerous graphical designs with customization ability
  • No additional setup is necessary - all moves and commands send as text messages (without accumulation in chat-history)
  • Ability to synchronize game-statuses in case of loss of move-message

Latest version: Janus v1.0 epsilon, build 9


© 2003,2004 Anar Ibragimoff

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